I hate writing

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I feel like Im going crazy right now.. it's a feeling that isn't to foreign to me. Today is especially wierd because it's like the kids in my classes are purposely frustrating me. I don't think they take me seriously. I guess the grade book will have to prove them otherwise.
There are to many kids in todays society that are dumb and have more motivation to do well in school. It doesn't help that all the people that these kids look up to are equally as dumb and they know it. I love being a teacher but when I get no help from the parents or the media than it makes my job harder and not worth the chump change they pay us. Now I understand why teachers make a big deal about the amount of our paychecks vs. the miracles we are expected to perform in the classroom.

So this second job I have keeps me really busy and on my feet all day. I think I got about 30 hours of sleep in the last week. I haven't slept much because I've been trying to organize my apartment.. work a second job... and keep my sanity.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

So I hate that I don't write in here more often but I guess since I'll have access to the computer more often than in the past ... I'll be writing more.

I'm totally enjoying this teaching job.. I love the kids and it kinda makes me feel young to be around kiddos who still think I'm in high school. They behave relatively well for 7th and 8th graders. The boys especially well. It's wierd how any school teacher could see herself hooking up with anyone this age... I mean what is it about being with a 13 year old child... I mean Is it really for the sex??
Plus you have to have some serious self worth issues if it turns you on to be with someone that young. Anyways... I don't see it.

I also got a part time job at Home Depot... Seems like another summer job but with waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy more benefits. I hate to say it, but cutting grass just wouldn't offer me stock options, 401k, life, medical, dental, builders insurance.. and the list goes on. I'm in the Special Services Department... so all you card worthy patrons who desire some plastic money.... You come to me so I can approve your credit. Among approving credit... helping you do-it-for-me customers have Home Depot preform all your installation needs... So that's what I do all day....Get hit on by old crusty constructions workers.

Relationship world is always crazy... I'm not really seeing anyone at all... I adore the idea of companionship but I'm too scared that if I invest my time.. It won't be worth my while. I'm not really ready to waste my time. I just want something thats healthy and enriched and fun... All you boring guys... don't bother.

My sweet apartment is coming along so well.... I got all my belongings from California the other day... My Apartment looks like The Louve ( I think that is spelled wrong.. but close enough). I can't wait to have a party...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

So I got a new apartment.. I'm happy about that . It's in the heart of downtown.. and It's a pretty sweet bachlorette pad.. All wood floors.. and a bunch of other stuff. I'm pretty excited about that. The scary thing is that Ive never lived by myself before.
Granted it is downtown, and there are a ton of scary people that live on the street there, but I could careless because of the price. 400 + electric.. and with the way gas bills are skyrocketing, I wouldn't mind the bums.
Whatelse, whatelse, whatelse... Well I've seriously considered not going back to Europe. As I have had a ton of time to realize what I like about my life... I love stability. Some people think I'm crazy.. because what 23 year old doesn't like to travel and see the world and be free. I love it! I want to see all there is to see, but nothing can beat stability and security. At least for me, nothing else can. I love having a stable job and making money and paying my bills on time and having my free time to do what I love. Art.

I never thought I would like painting but I do. I really miss getting into the clay and creating stuff, but there is something about visual expression with a paint brush that leaves me feeling satisfied. Maybe I'll post some of that on here one day.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Yesturday.. I think I played to much dodge ball. I was the weightlifting coach yesturday and we played dodge ball for about 7 hours straight!! my shoulders are ripped to shreds!! I had a blast though and it showed the kids a side of me that is less stern like in the classroom. I got to play another teach in basketball and whipped him pretty good and then all the boys wanted to play me one on one.. so I whipped them too.. and it's crazy because by the end of the day rumors were going around that I dunked the ball... How that got started, I don't know.. but I wish... hahaha

Thursday, March 02, 2006

So It's Thursday but it feels like the weekend.. I don't have to teach tomorrow so I guess my weekend starts earlier. Something really strange happened to me the other day. I pulled in the parking lot at school and was walking to my classroom when I heard the secretary call my name over the intercom to come to the office. To my surprise, when I got to the office these 2 boys said they were walking past my 4runner and my rear passenger side window just burst into pieces.
Of course my first thought was that " my window didn't just spontaneously combust". But these kids swore up and down that they didn't do it... So to make a long story short.. on my planning period I went out to take a look at it and noticed that the seal on my door was cracked opened right by my lock and there were a ton of little scratches on my paint.. well a friend of mine noticed that a week ago and I did to but thought it was something that I probably did. Well I took a closer look at the damage and you can tell that someone was trying to break in. Apparently to dumb to know how to really break in.. the damaged they caused forced a piece of metal to put pressure on the glass.. hench the spontaneous shattered window. It was really strange and something out of CSI. I probably wouldn't have guessed that it was someone trying to steal my 4runner had another vehicle at my apartment been stolen a few monthes earlier. I made sure I parked in a super lighter area last night.. and I am currently looking for another apartment...

Monday, February 27, 2006

So It's like my 10th day to substitute teach. I'm loving it I guess. None of the kids I sub for have given me a problem. The principal has even asked me if i wanted or if I was interested in the art position that was opening next year.. I don't know.

I'm looking up all the test material that I need... It's proving to be a ton of work. I think that I'll take the test anyways just to see what I know. The past couple of days have been interesrting for me.. I'll looking for a new apartment.. I don't know where the money is going to come from to pay for it, but I'm looking. I can't wait til this summer. I don't have anything planned.. but I'm just ready for the warm weather.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

I don't even know why I would start something like a blog, I hate writing. Miceail inspired me. I guess I'll have to find some time to fill this thing in like his. I have a lot of catching up to do.